If you have a rug that has been hit with smoke, whether it be from a fire, or from years of smoking, we may be able to salvage and repair your rug. However, cleaning and repairing your rug will depend on the severity of the damage caused.

Smoke Severity

If your rug is caked with soot and smoke, we may still be able to repair the rug with a deep cleaning. Through hand washing and complete immersion in a natural soap formula, we may be able to lift all of the soot and smoke from your rug.

We’ll also deodorize your rug. Odors tend to emanate from rugs that have been affected by smoke, even after a deep cleaning. We use patented tools and tried and true techniques to ensure that your rug is free from odor.

Is Smoke Salvage Worth It?

Now, the first thing you may think of if you’re dealing with a smoke-affected rug is: Is it worth it to wash the rug? Well, that depends on the rug. For some rugs, the costs of repair and washing may actually outweigh the cost of replacing the rug. For rugs that are heirlooms, or rugs that are highly valuable, the equation may not be that simple. If you’re curious about the cost of cleaning and deodorizing your smoke-affected rug, don’t hesitate to get a free estimate.

Our Deep Cleaning Technique

Here at Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners, rug cleaning is our specialty. Heck, that’s why it’s in our name! We take rug cleaning seriously, and we put each rug that we encounter through a thorough cleaning process. First, we may pre-treat your rug—which is often necessary for rugs that are heavily sooted. Next, we remove as much dust as possible from the rug, which is crucial before we soak our rugs. Soaking lifts soot that’s buried within the rug—we soak our rugs overnight to ensure that the soot is loose. Next, it’s onto shampooing and rinsing the rug. This fully removes any soot that’s remaining. We can also provide a luster wash to help in restoring vibrant colors to the rug. Then, we’ll brush the rug to make sure the nap of the rug is lush and in order. And finally, we’ll dry (or dry clean) your rug to make it pristine once again. After a final inspection, your rug will be ready for pick up. If we’ve done our job well, you won’t be able to tell that the rug has been near a speck of ash.

Repairing Damage

If your rug is damaged from fire, we may be able to repair it. Whether it’s replacing fringe, or sewing in and matching a patch to make your rug whole again, we get creative to make rugs completely whole again. You can learn more about our rug repair services, including binding repairs, fringe repairs, cornter repairs, and more.

Count on the Expert Crew Here at Fred Remmers

Here at Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners, we take rug cleaning seriously. As a company, we’ve been perfecting the rug washing rade for over 135 years. That’s 135 years of working with some of the most diverse rugs and rug problems. If we can’t clean your rug, nobody can! If you’re ready to try out Fred Remmers for yourself, don’t hesitate to get started with a free estimate for your rug cleaning job.