According to interior design experts, you can make the most of your space by decorating according to your Oriental rug. What does it mean to decorate according to your rug? Your Oriental rug is a work of art, and we have hints and tips from the experts to accentuate your rug, and elevate the look of your room.

Get the Correct Size Rug

The sizing of your Oriental rug is very important. The proportion of floor-to-rug, if done wrong, can throw off the energy of the room, and make it seem larger or smaller than you’d like it to be. Interior decorators recommend the rug be slightly smaller than the area covered by furniture in the room. A general rule of thumb is to subtract three feet from the length and width of the room to allow bare floor to show.

Our Nashville showroom has over 4,000 Oriental rugs to choose from in varying sizes. Call us today to find the perfectly sized rug for your space.

Be Intentional About Color, Pattern and Texture

The great thing about Oriental rugs is their versatility in colors and patterns. They are works of art, and deserve to be displayed as such in your home. They make dynamic statements as the room’s focal point, and anchor the room’s overall look. Don’t pair your bold Oriental rug with heavily patterned wallpaper and upholstery. That way, you won’t overpower or draw attention away from your rug.

Some Oriental rugs are adorned with fringe, as well as have more pronounced texture than others. The texture of your Oriental rug plays into the dynamic of the room just as much as other factors. To ensure the highest quality texture, and therefore the best possible look, it’s important to make sure your Oriental rug is maintained well. Our Oriental rug cleaning experts are ready to help you make sure your rug looks its best through top quality rug washes, rug repair, and rug storage.

Use Rug Pads

Interior decorators will always recommend investing in rug pads, especially for your Oriental rug. There are numerous benefits to having them. The obvious one is that they keep the rug from slipping and shifting, and consequently prevent you from slipping as well. They help maintain your Oriental rug, and make sure it looks its best through eliminating extra room directly underneath for dirt and debris to tear apart your beautiful rug. At the same time, the pad makes room for air between the rug and the floor to make more efficient vacuuming, and therefore less need for rug cleaning and repair over time.

Make Your Rug a Wall Hanging

Along with traditional floor decoration, Oriental rugs are fantastic wall hangings. They are beautiful, handmade works of art, and can add to decor on the wall just as much as it does on the floor. Hanging your Oriental rug on the wall serves to create a focal point and tie the room’s look together.

Buy the Rug First

Before adding other decorative elements to your room, make sure you’ve purchased your Oriental rug. That way, your rug truly becomes the focal point, and you can decorate around the pattern and colors for a more cohesive look. Check out our showroom, where our Oriental rug experts can help you choose the perfect rug for your home.

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