Oriental rugs are a highly desired decor staple around the world, with their classic and versatile styles. Professional interior decorators often use antique Oriental rugs to compliment their designs. Oriental rugs have an array of benefits beyond simply looking pretty.

They Last

Oriental  Rugs are some of the most durable, lasting rugs out there. This is because they’re typically hand-made with strong, high-quality fibers, and can endure regular wear for a lifetime. If properly cared for, repair for your rug will be minimal to nonexistent. However, if you are in need of oriental rug repair, our dedicated experts at Fred Remmers are here to help.

Their Style Is Classic

Oriental rugs never go out of style. Their variability in color and pattern mean that they will never look tacky. They are made with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship that simply looks better than a standard area rug. They represent class and are guaranteed to impress. Like any other antique, as they age, they become more and more valuable. In decorating, it’s impossible to go wrong with an Oriental rug.

Their Maintenance Is Easy

Because of their high quality, they can withstand a great deal of wear. Being that they’re made with natural materials and dyes, they release fewer allergens into the air than typical area rugs, so the benefits maintaining your Oriental rug are much more beneficial to your health than if you were to purchase any old area rug.

Aside from regular vacuuming, the primary maintenance called for is a professional Oriental rug cleaning, which is only necessary approximately once a year. Here at Fred Remmers, we offer services such as a simple rug wash, rug deodorizing, scotchguarding, moth-proofing, color run removal and pet stain removal at competitive prices. We also offer a climate controlled environment to store your unused rugs. We are passionate about making sure you do minimal work to maintain the life of your rug.

They Can Be Used in All Different Rooms

Oriental rugs have a versatility in color, pattern, design, and size that can be applied to all different colors and styles of decor. There is not a room that an Oriental Rug can’t compliment. Don’t believe us? Our Memphis showroom has over 4,000 rugs to choose from. Check them out! There’s no way you won’t be able to find the perfect rug for your home.

They Pay for Themselves

Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and traditional tapestries are highly desired items and can typically be appraised for significant amounts of money. Keep yours for a while, and they’ll be worth more than you pay for it!

At Fred Remmers, we believe in the value of your rug that extends beyond the monetary value. Our Oriental and Persian rug appraisal services can tell you about the rich history of your rug as well as the dollar value.

Want to learn more about Oriental rug repair, storage, appraisal, and cleaning? Contact our Oriental rug experts to see what we can do for you!