Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners! This is part two of our blog series about the top signs it’s time to call us for a rug repair or cleaning. Although oriental rugs are expertly crafted by the finest rug weavers in the world, that doesn’t mean you’ll never experience issues with them. And oftentimes, avoiding the warning signs your rug may be telling you can lead to your rug having a shorter lifespan. The internet is full of information on DIY oriental rug cleaning and repair, and although these fixes will hold up initially, they could lead to long-term damage or wear on your rug.

In reality, every rug is different, so you’ll need to take it to an expert who will understand its origins and how it was made in order to be able to clean or repair it without damaging it. If you think your oriental rug is ready for a cleaning or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners today.

Color Run/Color Bleeding

Chances are, you pride yourself on having a rug with intricate designs and vibrant and clean coloring. However, when you run into the issue of colors running together, you may think your oriental rug is seeing the last of its days. This usually isn’t the case, but it could be a sign that your rug may have more serious issues down the line. Color run in your run is usually most noticeable when bright colors like red run into white areas. This just looks sloppy and doesn’t have the same “wow” factor that a rug in great condition has. Below are some of the most common reasons the colors in your rug may be running together.

  • Water was spilled on the rug and didn’t dry completely. Be sure to check under the rug after this happens to ensure no moisture is trapped there.
  • The rug was not cleaned, stored, or dried properly by a rug cleaning company.
  • There’s a leak that’s dripping on your rug or your rug has sustained water damage from flooding.
  • Pet urine was not cleaning up quickly enough.

It’s important to note that if your rug is stained, you shouldn’t imploy DIY methods or use whatever cleaning agent you have sitting around the home. Your rug needs different treatment based on the materials it’s made of and how it was made, so give Fred Remmers a call for a free estimate.


Usually, the first signs of wear and tear on your rugs will appear on the edges or corners. In our last blog, we talked about pets using this part of the rug as a chew toy, however, that’s not the only thing that will cause this. If you’re not using a rug pad underneath your oriental rug, the corners may slip around as people walk over it, causing damage, and eventually resulting in fraying. Fraying may seem like the end of the world for any rug owner, but in most cases, frayed rugs can be restored to look as good as new by a professional rug repair specialist.

Chemical And Sun Damage

In order to make the rug fringe look cleaner, some rug cleaners will use a chlorine-based bleach. Although this does make it look cleaner and whiter, it can break down the fibers in your rug. And if it’s accidently spilled on the rest of your rug, it could mean certain damage. At Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners, we don’t use any chemicals that will damage or reduce the life of your rug. It’s our highest priority to understand both the material of your rug and what caused the damage before taking any action to repair it.

Sun damage, on the other hand, is a perfectly natural cause of color fading in your rug. If you want to reduce sun damage, you can put your rug in an area with less sunlight or turn it over once a year to ensure the fading is even. However, you can also take your rug into a rug repair specialist for color restoration.


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