It happens. Your pet accidentally scratches a huge tear in your favorite living room rug. You manage to trip in a certain way that unravels the fringes on it. You walk on it so much that it becomes distorted to the point where it’s more of a hill than a rug. But no worries — a professional rug repair expert can help you fix these accidental mishaps, and even better than if you attempted to fix them yourself.

At Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners & Oriental Rug Gallery in Memphis, we offer a variety of services that can help salvage your beloved carpet and make it look brand new again. If you find yourself in an unexpected situation concerning your rug, give us a call today!

Here are the several rug repair issues we commonly see, and why we think you should hire a professional to heal the damage rather than tackling the project yourself.

Overcast Fringes

Overcast fringes occur when the loose threading at the end of your rug becomes torn or unraveled. This problem occurs by excessive use, such as walking over the area several times a day or by a pet or child pulling at the fringes. By performing an overcast repair, a rug professional will sew into these damaged ends to prevent further unraveling. This overcast will also ensure that the wool knots in a rug’s design won’t pull off the ends of the threads in the future.

Another way to prevent further unraveling is to rotate your rug at a minimum of twice a year.

But don’t try to fix overcast fringes yourself, or you may cause further issues with the rug’s fringes. Even worse, you might completely tear into your rug.

Rug Binding

When the wool binding (a.k.a. the outside lining) of a rug has worn off due to being excessively walked on, it might be time for you to get your rug re-binded.

When you receive a rug binding, your carpet professional will restore the wool binding, usually adding a stronger and more stable foundation. You can also create a new binding design if you want to customize your rug further.

This restoration process will allow your rug to last you several years — maybe even decades. Again, rotating your rug at least twice a year will help with your rug’s wear-and-tear.

Rug Reweaving

Reweaving a rug requires a lot of skill and patience, especially the more intricate, antique and delicate the rug is. It’s a very labor-intensive process, as many steps go into reweaving a rug.

Some of those steps include:

  • Sourcing the right yarn.
  • Protecting the surrounding areas around the damage.
  • Rebuilding all damaged or missing warp.
  • Re-creating missing or damaged motifs.
  • Preventing the edges from fraying further.

The team at Fred Remmers have years of extensive experience to make sure your rug looks just as good as it did when you bought it new — even if has been in your family for generations. We want to preserve any type of rug with sentimental value as best as we can for you. Check out our rug reweaving services today!

Rug Patching

This is one of our most common recurring issues: completely torn holes in a very expensive and valuable rug. The most affordable way to repair a hole in a rug is to patch it.

When patching a rug, a carpet expert will find a patch from another rug that looks similar to the rug you bring in. It’s not as involved as rug weaving, but if you’re on a budget, this typically is your best option. Our professionals at Fred Remmers will ensure your carpet looks as close to new as possible with our rug patching services!

Also, don’t try to patch a rug yourself — it might end up looking sloppy or more like a DIY project than an expensive rug.

Rug Blocking

This is the best solution for when your rug starts looking more like a hill than a rug. Blocking can restore the shape of your rug, especially when it has become distorted and misshapen from excessive use.

A carpet professional will usually attach the rug to a blocking board (hence, the name), which will essentially straighten its edges or morph its corners back into right angles. A carpet needs to be kept in place for at least four days for this method to be effective.

Another solution your carpet professional might suggest is to coat the back of the rug with latex. You might need to do this if your rug wasn’t properly completed by the manufacturer in the first place, or if the rug requires an extra sturdiness to remain flat.
At Fred Remmers, we apply natural starch to the backs of rugs during the stretching and shaping process, which helps them maintain their newly restored shape.

Choose Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners

We have more than 135 years of experience serving the Memphis community, and we know your rug is more than “just a rug” to you. We work with more than 1,300 rug dealers around the nation, so we can figure out the best care for any of your rug’s issues — whether you’re a private owner or a retailer. Some of our services include the following:

  • Antique rug repair
  • Tapestry repair
  • Hole patching
  • Fringe repair
  • Stain and spot removed
  • And much more!

If you think you’re in need of a carpet cleaning or repair, contact our Memphis location today by calling (901) 468-3973 or by filling out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!