If you inherited an oriental rug that was passed down from many generations, you may be completely unaware of its value and origins. During a rug appraisal, a professional oriental rug expert will come to your home, inspect the rug, and provide you with detailed information about its history and value. Here at Fred Remmers, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive and expert rug appraisal services. Our company has been serving members of the Memphis and Nashville area for over 135 years with expert rug cleaning, rug repairs, and rug appraisal services. If you’re ready to get started or have any questions about what’s said here, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Who Needs Rug Appraisal?

Your first question may be, “who actually needs rug appraisal?” Although anyone with an oriental rug can get an oriental rug appraisal, there are several people in particular who may want or need an appraisal:

Private Owners

If you have had an oriental rug passed down from another family member, you may have no idea what its origins are. Whether you’re looking to get rid of the rug or find someone to sell it off to, you’re going to need to know some information about it. Not only that but if you’re able to tell the potential buyer that it was inspected by a rug expert, they will be more likely to take you for your word when you offer a price.

Estate Executors

The job of an executor is to gather up a deceased person’s belongings and distribute to people who are entitled to them. When it comes to something like an oriental rug, the owner of the estate may not have left behind any documentation regarding its origin or value. In this case, a professional rug appraiser will be needed.

What Information Will An Appraiser Provide?

After a rug appraisal, your rug expert will provide you with detailed information regarding the rug’s location of origin, circa date of creation, retail value, and overall condition. If the rug is in poor condition, your rug appraisal expert will outline the best course of action to have it restored before selling it.

When Do You Need Rug Appraisal?

Insurance Purposes

If you are a homeowner and you have home insurance, you will need to have your rug professionally appraised by a certified appraiser in order for it to be covered on your insurance. If the rug ever needs to be replaced or repaired due to an accident, you will have the appropriate documentation to do so.

Asset Management

Whether you’re planning a will or you just like to keep accurate and up-to-date records of your assets, your local certified rug appraiser will provide you with the necessary documentation for your record keeping.

Collateral Loan Agreement

If you’re getting a loan, you may want to list your home’s assets as collateral. What this means is that if you aren’t able to pay off the loan, the lender will seize those assets until you can pay them off. If you choose to do this, you will need accurate rug valuation documentation and to be able to prove that it was done by a certified rug expert.

What Documentation Is Provided?

When you have your rug appraised with Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners & Oriental Rug Gallery, we will provide you with legal documentation with all information about your oriental rug. Because of our trusted, long-standing reputation throughout the industry, this documentation will represent you in the court system, internal revenue system, insurance firms, and estate planning professionals. After the appraisal is finished, you will generally receive your documentation in the mail within two business days.

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We don’t just provide oriental rug owners with high-quality rug appraisal services here in Memphis, we also provide professional quality rug cleaning and repair. Whether you’ve had your rug appraised in the past and know that it needs repairs or you’ve never had it inspected, we’d be happy to help you decide if repairs are needed. Whenever we perform a repair or cleaning, we always take into consideration the age and type of rug we’re working with. Certain rugs require more attention to detail and can’t be washed or be exposed to cleaning agents. In this case, we use an advanced dry cleaning technique to restore your rug.

Our services include rug washing, deodorizing, scotchguarding, moth-proofing, color restoration, overcast fringe repair, binding, reweaving, patching, touch-up dying, and storage in a temperature-controlled room to preserve the life of your rug. If you have any questions or you would like a free estimate, give us a call today.