1. How to Keep Moths Away From Your Rug

    Moths are notoriously harmful to rugs. They can devour rug fibers by the handful, leaving your rug pocked with holes. It’s incredible that these tiny creatures can wreak so much havoc on our rugs. So how can we keep moths from ruining our precious rugs? Well, before we answer that question, let’s discuss how moths damage rugs, so that we can better understand how to pr…Read More

  2. Why Your Rug’s Lackluster and What to Do About It

    If you have a rug that’s tan when it used to be white, or a rug that’s pocked with coffee stains, dirt spots, and pet hair, then it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Or perhaps, you have a rug that’s damaged—the fringe is falling apart, you lost a corner to the vacuum, and you accidentally cut a slit through the rug in your last crafting project—you need a rug re…Read More

  3. How to Protect Your Rugs During a Move

    If you’re moving, your rug may be the last thing that makes it on the truck. After all, it’s underneath your furniture, it won’t fit in any boxes, and well, you might not think about it tell the last minute. However, you shouldn’t neglect your rug, especially during your move! Just remember its value, and all the memories that your rug carries with it. Unfortunatel…Read More

  4. Has Your Rug Been Hit With Smoke?

    If you have a rug that has been hit with smoke, whether it be from a fire, or from years of smoking, we may be able to salvage and repair your rug. However, cleaning and repairing your rug will depend on the severity of the damage caused. Smoke Severity If your rug is caked with soot and smoke, we may still be able to repair the rug with a deep cleaning. Through hand washi…Read More

  5. How to Protect Your Rug From Furniture

    Your rug isn’t just a commodity, it’s comfortable, beautiful, and valuable. And over the lifetime of your rug, you want to retain that value. That means taking measures to protect your rug. Sure, you can make rules to keep your guests from ruining your precious Persian carpet… “No shoes—please remove those at the door.” “No, we don’t drink wine in this room…Read More

  6. When to Vacuum, When to Deep Clean

    Your rug is precious. It’s a family heirloom. It’s a conversation piece. It’s your dog’s favorite napping space. It’s the perfect accent to that glass coffee table and your leather couch. Like everything that you hold dear, you want to protect and care for your rug. You may spend time once a week, perhaps once a month, sending a vacuum over the surface of your ru…Read More

  7. Choosing the Best Rug for Your Home

    Your walls are painted, your furniture is set, and your home is really starting to look, well, like a home. However, you know that there’s a crucial piece missing to the overall feel and décor. You know exactly what time it is: it’s time to get a rug. Choosing the perfect rug for your home can seem like a pretty final step to decorating your home. Rugs are somewhat of…Read More

  8. How Rugs Have Been Made Around the World

    Perhaps one of the most interesting things in history is how cultures can create the same technology or tools, without ever interacting with each other. For example, how fascinating is it that pyramids can be found on every continent (except Antarctica)? Or how major civilizations each came up with their own calendar systems, their own language, their own ways to hunt, and…Read More

  9. Some of the World’s Most Expensive Rugs

    Our rug appraisal team in Memphis has evaluated some incredible rugs over the years. We've appraised rugs from all over the world, determining the country of origin, the date of creation, and how much those rugs are going to be worth on today's market. Many people don't know how much their antique rug is worth until it's been properly evaluated by our team and many of thos…Read More

  10. How to Fix a Snag in Your Rug

    You finally find the perfect rug. It's the right shape, the right size, the perfect color pallet, and you can actually afford it. So you proudly carry it home, unroll it, and artfully arrange your furniture around it. Finally, the room is complete and it's all thanks to your perfect new rug. You wake up the next morning and walk in to admire your decorating handiwork only …Read More